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Rubytm Firmware Download


To load the files below, simply right-click on "download" links and Save As... to your computer. Then, drag the files into a directory named "ruby" (spelled exactly, all lowercase) on your Ruby's SDFlash chip.

Only one of each type of file (".utfw", ".utcfg", etc..) should be present in the "ruby" directory at any time.


Ruby Firmware

This firmware is compatible with all Ruby autopilot systems:


7/7/2015 [download]




The ".utcfg" file contains configuration for your particular plane, transmitter settings, preferences, etc...

You don't need to get a new ".utcfg" file when you update firmware.

Currently, this file must be generated by uThere support staff for your particular plane, transmitter, and Ruby units. They contain tuning and calibration info as well as your prefrences. If you have lost your ".utcfg" file, contact support@uthere.com.


Data recording

The ".utms" file tells Ruby what data to record into "data.utd" files.

You should always have a copy of this file in your "ruby" directory, otherwise Ruby will not record data that could be helpful in diagnostics.. [more info]

data_recording_settings_standard.utms [download]



The following additional firmware and fonts are used only if RubyOSD is installed.

RubyOSDv23.utosdfw [download]
AP117_Font4_jim1.mcm [download]
OSD_SA_v6.mcm [download]

Still camera

Canon CHDK camera trigger script [more info...]

pictuavRuby.lua [download]



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