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4/25/2020 Mike K. Ruby is all i fly. Its great for focusing on the fun of flying an not a bunch of parameter tweeking like ArduPilot. We appreciate all the hard work that went into the back end!
7/6/2015 Michael D. My son has over 400 flights on his Z2 -2 Ruby... absoultely flawless for him as he dragged it thru Central America.... Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala...
5/22/2015 Dave K I love my Ruby in the the Z3 Spade, it really preforms great with it.
5/19/2015 Norm C I have spent over 75 hours of research to find what I feel is a real quality autopilot. Without even holding your product in my hand I am in love with it.
5/16/2015 Thomas E Super happy with how the ranger is flying!
4/26/2015 Andrew R After a winter hiatus we took our RVJet out for a flight with the Ruby. It seemed to fly very well, and all the functions that we tested are working.
4/22/2015 Pablo L Look at this grid!!! Between yesterday and today I flew 13 flights covering 88 square kilometers... yesterday I had between 20 and 30 km/h of winds, today was more calm... BUT look how responsive is Ruby with the grid!! Its almost the teorical flight plan... CONGRATULATIONS!!!
4/22/2015 Colin M Got my zephyr ii finally into the air at the weekend and it's brilliant with ruby, great product. ...

Had a few good flights with the ruby today including my first assisted takeoff and two autonomous landings - very impressed!

4/13/2015 John P The Penguin still flies perfect with the Ruby and people are always amazed when they see the capabilities of your auto pilot.
1/15/2015 Ben G I really love how she flies, with Ruby, my Skyhunter is way too intelligent and becomes my lifesaver to easily learn to fly! You've made me one happy man and sold to Ruby for life! I was so scared to even start off in manual, but I had to overcome that fear. Wind was about 10-12 mph. ... I love Ruby..as I still had trust in her to bring my hunter back and even landed. SWEET......!!
10/9/2014 Thomas S. It flew very well! Really happy!

First flight full auto, to make sure. Second flight I had the chance to try Ruby. ... What to say... It really does fly very very well! Oh my, I just could not believe it! My best compliments to you and your creation! .... I then tried aided mode. It also works really well, probably I will have to get hold on the new way of controlling the plane, but it was really good! .... What else to say... Thank you! ... Ok, enough, I'm probably just a little over excited! Eheh Thank you again!

7/15/2014 John P Everything is working great with the Ruby. I tested the auto-land feature and wow! very accurate and impressive.
7/14/2014 Jonathan T Some colleagues of mine witnessed Ruby in action at the weekend. They were absolutely blown away by her capability, as I am, still!
6/5/2014 Hermann S I had a good number of flights with the Ruby by now and all is working really well, including auto-landing. You developed an amazing system and I would like to thank you so much for your patience and help with my various issues. It really makes FPV-flying my Zephyr super-easy and is a lot of fun; was out for about 5 miles a couple of times today with great views and no stress – very addictive.
6/4/2014 Paul B We have been doing a lot of testing with Ruby lately in our Ritewing Spade. We are really impressed! We gingerly attempted an autonomous landing and Ruby lands better than I do! Amazing.
5/15/2014 Pablo L Today we were amazed about the perfect precision of the ruby following the interleaved pattern, this system you created is amazing
5/11/2014 Lenin C I did the maiden of my new ZII. I now understand that an autopilot in this category is perfect for an aircraft of this type. I know it works with all planes, do not misunderstand me, the issue has it the aircraft type, but the quality of flight with a ZII combined with Ruby is very different from a Bixler for example. Being in the ZII much better for accuracy, climb, turns, etc.. and how ruby performs all this things. I had another ZII a year ago, but neither had the experience that I have now, with the wing and with Ruby. First impressions are very very good now
5/6/2014 Mike K She flies beautifully, I couldn't be happier. Nice work Jim.
5/5/2014 Will N. I completely feel, that Ruby is the best autopilot for this type of application, which I know isn't commercial (although for waypoint mapping it does prove capability), but let's face it, everyone getting into FPV always talk about range etc etc… the throttle management that you have programmed is superb, .... we had video glitches and problems, but not once did we panic as I know RUBY, assuming all things working properly on the plane, will come home.
4/26/2014 Andrej U.

I have made a couple of test with flying wing and I have to tell you that I am very satisfied :) Wing flies very well and with Ruby I am 100% sure that when I will lose video or RC signal, that Ruby will fly it back home - that is the key function why I ordered Ruby, especially for FPV.

...I have corrected all mistakes as you have told me to do and I have to tell you that today I made a couple of flights and I am very impressed :) Ruby made 2 autolandings almost perfectly!

4/18/2014 Charles B I loooooooovvvvvvveee e your Ruby, I feel in high confidence ! (maybe to much....)
4/14/2014 Josh L

"Just did another flight today. It was pretty windy when I took off and then got super windy during the flight. To the point where I couldn't land the plane myself. The turbulence was so bad it almost crashed. So I did my first auto landing and it did an awesome job. Made it within 20-25ft. [airborne video] [ground video]

4/7/2014 Chris R Great product !!!!!!!
4/4/2014 Jim R "I flew the Ruby today in my personal aircraft for the first time since getting everything straightened out. It is a breezy day (15 -20mph). I gotta say, I was stunned. The Ruby setup the most amazing approaches in that gusty wind. It was incredible. In auto mode, it would simply hover in the wind. I've read all the reviews and literature, but seeing it in action is amazing."
3/17/2014 Giovanni Jim you are absolutely the best guy in the business period. My money was well spent.
3/17/2014 Gary M I love your autopilot it is dull! It just works and that is fantastic. I don't want to bugger around with a GCS or data links or complex flight plans. I want to chuck and forget and that's what I do. Even to the point of letting the battery go flat when in big field just to watch it spiral down and autoland. Wrong I know but gives me a thrill. My aircraft is not faring so well because of car entering and exiting damage but the AP is fantastic.
3/5/2014 Christian D Thank you. The way you provide your customer service is absolutely awesome. Even I didn't fly with the ruby until now, I am already happy and satisfied that I have bought your system. I will definitely recommend the ruby to all of my FPV friends!!!! I will proceed tomorrow, in Germany its already night and dark outside :(
2/25/2014 Dan M So, and then some positive feedback, I've done a quite nice flight this weekend and Ruby is just a great tool when just travelling a distance. I had to travel for almost 10km to a mountain and back over a lake, and with Ruby engaged it's not just you don't have to "work" on the controls all the time, it's also much more efficient than flying manually and trying to keep airspeed manually, and it's flying so good that I really trust the whole system now which is very important when going out far over water with an aircraft worth >$2000. It also helped a lot finding back home – which would have been very hard without the screen overlay.
2/15/2014 Rob D

Your customer Service is unbelievably good and not typical in this day and age and is greatly appreciated

... I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with the set up and the fantastic job you did in designing this product I couldn't be happier

2/3/2014 Pete S By the way I just want to tell you that even with the few flights I have had with the plane so far I am very impressed with your system. I don't have much to compare to as I am pretty much a newbie with all this stuff but being a guy who grew up flying control line airplanes and to have something like this now is just completely amazing. Thank you.
1/14/2014 Otto E
I must write you: my grandson Ben, 7 years, was flying yesterday EasyStar with RUBY. Ben is happy, me too
1/4/2014 Will N "I think RUBY is brilliant Jim, I have used 8 different autopilots and none of them, in my opinion, meet the standard of RUBY! "
11/18/2013 Rick D

I've been able to fly my Skywalker with Ruby a few times now and I LOVE IT. " .... "Thank you again for a wonderful product,"

..."The Ruby is an awesome product and it's added a whole new level to my flying."

10/25/2013 Steve H

what an awesome lil jewel you have made here, im simply amazed !!!" 2 flights, 2 automated landings excactly where I set home position. thank you very much for working with me. .... anyways I wanted to let you know that assisted launch works great loiter and all other functions are perfect. I tell ya ...........the auto land is simply amazing !!!!

... Just thought i would let you know, i let my 5 yr. Old. Son fly my z2 today. I launched and he flew her for. A good 10 min. never touched rc. He loved it. Also first time fpv'n. Think hes hooked."

... "Thought i would share this with you. This is my 5 yr. Old son Ayden, flying the zephyr yesterday. He flew the entire flight. Acually he flew it more Than i did. I think i got to fly it twice all day. He flew it 3 times. He just loves it and told me yesterday he wanted his own plane for Christmas.......lol. Thank you so much for ruby. It sure helped my son and i to get closer by allowing him to enjoy this great hobby.



10/22/2013 Mike J

"Flying today with DHS agents here along the Mexican border went great. Today was the first time for these guys to fly a UAV and although we had one or two rough landings, none was catastrophic. They all loved the aided mode and found it so much easier than the flight simulator which was in manual mode."

10/19/2013 Rick D Your support and customer service is the best I've ever seen. I can't say enough.
9/30/2013 Marius A I have tested both autonomous take off, loiter at current position and RTH and I really like the feel of it. I fly mostly in manual mode, but the safety of knowing that the plane will return to home is marvelous :)
9/25/2013 Ricardo flew for the first time. flys like a dream.
9/24/2013 Joe P "Jim you have made this project enjoyable, thank you again for your all your help."
9/18/2013 Dominik J You're fast and you're excellent. This is why I had choosen Ruby instead of APM or any other FC.
8/29/2013 Will M Successful manual launch and flight with successful auto landing. All went very well. The auto landing was spot on and pretty impressive. My flying buddies were so impressed that they asked me to take off my goggles to watch it come in line of site, and they were right. The glide slope and approach speed was excellent. The Caipirinha has a relatively high stall speed where most manual landings conclude with a flop when the plane is about 4' off the ground. Ruby's auto land, however, was just about perfect.
8/21/2013 Dave D BTW- Ruby save me already on this plane. Lost orientation in death spiral in manual mode. Flipped the switch and BAM - straight and level!
8/20/2013 Dave G

I have now flown over 20 hours with mine, mostly using config 8 ( config 9 - 300'/35kts uses the battery too quickly ! ) and am completely sold on it, The new one will be going in my Skywalker aerial filming and photography aircraft. While the current aircraft is destined to be an abinitio trainer.
I have just done a completly autonomous flight, Aided T/O, RTH ( to check home point set OK ) Waypoint flight and then Autoland without once going into manual control, its totally awesome as my grandson would say !!

... The more I fly the more impressed I am with the accuracy, ease of use, versatility and overall solid feel of operation. Brilliant !

8/13/2013 Tom B I can't tell you how impressed I am with the ruby. It took a plane that was wildly off cg and had no motor and got us at least half way home. If it weren't for the forest I could have left it in RTH mode and it would have landed just fine. As it was, it ran out of altitude and hit a tree and that was all she wrote.
8/6/2013 Ryan H ....Oh it was really kind of windy just fyi… But even with the wind it did Great!!
7/29/2013 Blake M Last week, I was flying the SH on a calm day (same day as the erroneous wind speed readings). I was 1.1 miles away and downwind with the video went black. The osd readings were there. I flew if back with the instruments to LOS and landed it with success. The video wire had come out of the camera. I had hot glue it on the top and bottom, but it still came out. I plugged it back in and flew with no other mishaps. Had that happened without Ruby on board, it would have ended, well you know.
7/24/2013 Darren S Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with Ruby, it's working flawlessly and really takes the stress out of flying. It has already saved my plane from what would have been a disaster. I lost orientation and my plane started plummeting towards the ground, so I flicked the panic switch and the plane literally clipped the top of the corn after Ruby had sorted it out, I had to duck as it came steaming past me before increasing its altitude to a safe height.
7/16/2013 Gary M I am very very impressed I can tell you come from the world of gliding flight your AP works elegantly.
7/15/2013 Dan C I use ruby so much in my fpv it makes it way more enjoyable and safe
7/14/2013 Dave D I had a 6 yr. old fly the plane when it was a mile out. He was on his own with the radio, needless to say they were all impressed.
7/10/2013 Gene M I was all over the sky, but got settled down, and switched to aided control. It was very rewarding to see RUBY take over and smooth out my flight.
7/8/2013 Rob S Having great fun with RuBY+OSD, im such a chicken, that i put it into a loiter and then steer a bit and let Ruby bring it back, awesome and stressless !
7/6/2013 Merril R I just executed Autolanding. In a very strong crosswind. Success.
7/5/2013 Will N

AWESOME!!! Love the aided mode, took a bit to get used to it from other AP systems… loiter is brill and RTH also.
Just so you know, "Ruby, so easy, even an 8 year old can fly!".
My Son today flying – he loved it both FPV and Third Person, thanks to RUBY I felt confident enough to let him steer the plane without worrying about it dropping from the sky!

When an OSD leveled a plane and then bought it back, I thought it was amazing. When I flew RUBY (note how I say, flew RUBY, not flew the Skyhunter!) it was like that all over again, but 10 fold… Also, it means I am not so selfish when I go flying, as my Son can really be involved now, quite safely – that alone Jim is worth its weight in gold!

7/5/2013 Michael D I bought my Ruby Flight Controller and OSD as part of a Z2 build package from Ron Roberts at Ritewingbuilds... he completed the config with you while my oldest son was visiting Ron in AZ.
I've had it home for just a few days and I love it, works great... I've put several assisted launches and auto-landings on it, and it has been flawless for me. BTW. the instructions on the web are very well done, real easy to work thru... a big step up from some other hobby parts.
6/27/2013 Rob S Flew last night with OSD fitted, superb fun, as I am still very nervous about FPV, I put it into loiter and then just deviated a bit and then let Ruby bring it back, totally fool proof fpv, even did a auto land, amazing.
6/27/2013 Dave D the guys at the field were impressed with Ruby especially when the plane was a half a mile out and I offered my radio to a 9 year old visitor to fly it! They looked at me like I was crazy. I had all the confidence in the world thanks to you and Ruby."
6/22/2013 Mike F Ruby saved my plane this morning!! I was in a similar postion as last night. Far away, low and against the mountains, and just could not make out the orientation of the plane. Switched to RTH mode and the bird straightened out and started climbing and coming home. Really a good feeling. Thank you for a great product."
6/21/2013 Johnny M My buddy and i were just talking about the support he is getting from a company that specializes in a certain flight controller manufacturer. I told him the kinds of communication and support you provide and we both agree that's its a pleasantly rare attribute that makes your product so much better."
6/18/2013 Colin D "it was a very windy day (30knots at times) and the SkyHunter/Ruby did a great job dealing with the wind. Thanks"
6/16/2013 Steve W "Colin and I were flying in some 20-30kt sustained winds and they flew great! "
6/13/2013 John B "I had my first flight today with Ruby, it was great!!" .... A great product and your support is absolutely wonderful. ... "It was really fun and I enjoyed it very much, now to learn more!"
6/5/2013 Randy O "want to thank you for all the support btw... nothing but glowing reviews for you..
6/3/2013 Thorsten D As far as i can look, thats a really good combination, ruby and this osd are far better than any other solution on the market that i know.
6/1/2013 Bender Well after a long time of plane setup, work getting in the way and bad weather, my Ruby is now up in the air and controlling the plane without my inputs. I call it the RubyWalker, a 1680mm Skywalker with the Ruby controller and OSD. I must say I am impressed with the Ruby system. I feel much more confident about flying FPV with this system than the others I have tried.
5/24/2013 David F Today I used the manual mode, aided mode (with the same behavior) and autonomous mode (beautiful!!!!). I had so much trust that the ruby made a autonomous landing!
5/16/2013 Blake M "Ruby flies great. Aided launch makes flying alone a pleasure and reduces stress in a big way." These zII are a dream with aided launch."
5/5/2013 Gene M A little web research showed me that there aren't many products out there that have the capability of RUBY, and those that do are orders of magnitude more expensive.
5/2/2013 Rob S. Just got back from the field, felt I had to let you know that everything went great, so impressed, really buzzing now. I will update you with the details and send the file later if possible, Again, superb product & Service. My helper was stunned !
4/29/2013 Gene M Thanks for the quick response. Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced.
4/22/2013 Jeff D there were gusts up to 30 mph. I did run into a gust approaching 60 mph that turned my plane and sent it down-wind about a 1/4 mile within seconds. I was flying visually but was recording the video of the flight. I'll send you that data file and video too as it was quite impressive how Ruby saved my plane. I lost visual sight of the plane during the high gust of wind and after a second or two I activated the RTH so Ruby could take over. The video shows the plane at around 1,000 feet near me and then when the gust turns the plane the video shows the plane spiraling down to 120 feet before Ruby pulled out of the death-dive.
4/13/2013 Doug B Jim!!! I can't tell you how awesome today was. I flew the penguin 6 times and the Ruby was awesome. Just awesome. I must admit that if you hadn't done what you did for me, I would not likely have purchased another Ruby. After today, I will put one in more of my planes. Awesome! Thanks so much for your help.
4/13/2013 Ryan H Success!!! Had a GREAT flight today. Was able to test Aided mode and Autonomous Mode and it work AWSOME! Tested Loiter and return to home and loiter and it worked just like you advertise. ...Thanks again. What an amazing product! ...Thanks again for your awesome support of your product! I really appreciate your hard work to get me going after several silly mistakes of mine.
4/8/2013 Steve P Jim, I can't tell you how happy I am with RUBY's performance. It saved my plane today. I was flying LOS and completely lost it in the sun at approximately 50 ft. I put it in auto mode and she leveled out, even though I forgot to give full throttle, and gave me time to regain control.
I noticed that near stationary hover; it's a really cool thing to see first hand.
4/7/2013 Marius S. Hello JIM Wonderfool Life ! ! ! RUBY it's a succes automatic landing, aided mode and loiter ! ! ! The comportament of wing is GREAAAT !!! Great Work Jim ! ! ! You ar GREAT !!! I have a bottle Champagne for you Jim !!! Extraordinarley ! ! ! !
4/7/2013 Steve W I showed Chris the Ruby system and I am pretty sure he will be sending an order for one in the near future. Chris liked the simplicity of the whole thing compaired to his Eagle tree stuff. He says that all of this old equipment will be up for sale soon haha. I had him sit and take the sticks in aided mode and he called it cheating. All the enjoyment of flying and none of the heart in your throat nerves from praying that you set the RTH or stabilization correctly.
3/17/2013 Jeff D What an amazing device. I was flying in 20-30 mph winds and Ruby was able to bring the plane back to home base each time.
3/12/2013 Kevin L my group was really impressed with the assisted launch. I think a couple of them thought I was joking about that functionality.
3/10/2013 Bob I So far so good , a couple of my buddies at the flying field were impressed today with how well the Ruby performed.
3/8/2013 Otto E In moment I can not more to be astonished as in the last weeks over the possibilities off Ruby. It is the maximum
3/2/2013 Pablo J I must say: I'm very happy with Ruby!!!!! what a fun!! just seeing the wing returning alone and make loiter, that was great!!! Thanks Jim for a great product!!!
2/20/2013 Marco K

You do a great job! at the beginning I was a bit skeptical but your service & Ruby is great. Keep it up.

2/5/2013 Michael Ryan Gosh the last auto land was soooo perfect to Ruby was controlling the throttle and rudder to counteract drift and a slight cross wind on approach. We where on a few meters away and almost looking directly at the model on approach.
2/4/2013 Andrew Finegan At the central florida meet, I saw 4 ruby'ed planes, and realtvnow gave me a demo, there is one now in my plane and a few other people at the event order one. True "in person" demos get people off the fence (I got off the fence!)
2/4/2013 Doug B. I spent some time with Donnie yesterday flying his ZII with RUBY and giving the system a workout by putting it into bad states and then throwing control to RUBY to see how it would recover. It never missed a beat, even with the speed and relative instability (compared to something like a Penguin) of the Zeph.
1/30/2013 Steve W I hope not to sound like a groupie but I am sold on your product. Simple, straight forward, hardly any messy wires that makes my install so much better.
1/27/2013 Dave D. Awesome! Ruby makes FPV Fun ! "FPV flying is soooo relaxing and fun now that ruby is my co-pilot. "
1/22/2013 Fergus M. First flight completed successfully. Ruby performed very well. Much better than my manual efforts. ..... Many thanks for getting me this far
1/9/2013 Merril R. I must say I am very impressed with the install it is 10 times cleaner than an EagleTree rig.
11/8/2012 Patrick O. Thanks again Jim for your great customer service...I am very pleased to have found you and your Ruby.
10/24/2012 Siegmar I did my first test flight with Ruby today - it was awesome! Almost everything worked perfekt.
10/15/2012 Mario R. Ruby is simply fantastic, for me a totally newbie it's a little bit tricky to setup but nothing too difficult.
10/8/2012 Clay D.

The plane flew pretty damn good today. : ) I'm very excited about this. I reset the failsafe and it seemed to work on the ground, but I didn't try it in the air. I thought you should see the file first and let me know.

It was windy, 15mph or so with 30mph guests. Trimmed it out first flight. 2nd flight went to aided mode and flew well in low throttle, part and high throttle. It does seem to climb too high though for me…. I think you said 400' right? Maybe that will be ok with FPV and in the mountains but LOS, it's pretty damn high. I think I also engaged loiter on the 2nd flight and it just circled like it should. Very cool.

The 3rd flight I engaged return to home and land and it did great even with the wind. I didn't let it land and took control at 15' in manual mode.

Due to the wind I'm not sure if we need to retrim or change anything but I'm thorough impressed so far.

9/28/2012 Arlen H. I had several successful flights today!! It was wonderful. Autonomous landings were excellent. I've attached a couple of logs from the flights in case you want to check them out, but I don't have any specific issues.
9/7/2012 Gregg J

WORKED AS ADVERTISED! I didn't do a lot except circles in aided mode because it was pretty gusty and was getting batted around like a butterfly. I would say it was working hard to hold altitude in any steeper turn but of course the gusts were a factor. ...


9/5/2012 Jeremy S.

I think I had the elevator and CG off a little bit and when I launched manual with full throttle, it would go into a nose up stall and since I was close to the ground and not comfortable where it was I trusted ruby and bam! She took over and made it look just fantastic in the air.

[radian pro]

8/25/2012 Ron R. That is one impressive SOB, Very cool.
7/23/2012 Michael W.

I saw a few flight conditions today where I just waited for a stall, spiral of death or whatever leading to a crash. I had always my finger on the switch to manual but nothing happened. Ruby ruled the situation always, just incredible.

"Awesome performance during long range. In aided mode it seems much more efficient than manual flying."

"Awesome product Jim, I'm glad to own some. ... I love my Ruby! :-)"

5/22/2012 Jeff D.

"Just wanted to let you know how much fun I've been having with the plane. Ruby has been working flawlessly. The "come home" feature saved me once already when I was flying over Casco Bay in Portland. I wanted to get up nice and high to do some aerial video of the islands and harbor. I lost sight of the plane and activated the "come home" auto pilot feature. Although after 3 minutes of nervously waiting, the plane controlled by Ruby reappeared on its way back to me. It was windy so Ruby was piloting along slowly towards me."

[Note: In return to home and other autonomous modes, Ruby will automatically increase airspeed as necessary to ensure that the plane will make at least 10 knots groundspeed headway in strong headwinds, and it will crab into the wind as to ensure a straight, direct course to home.]

5/14/2012 Roger A.

...got the model into a jackpot and only barely got the switch into auto....less than 10' left as far as altitude....though there was plenty 'above' <grin>....Ruby just turned on a dime and went straight up, cleared the nearby trees by doing so, too!

.. I think you are due major Cudo's developing a system that a novice can use.....once I got the hang of just holding the ailerons over and using throttle for altitude.....the entire process was a snap.....and without Ruby, that little ship would now be in bits.

.....it will be YEARS until I make a landing approach as smooth...

3/14/2012 Corey B.

Everything seemed fine after the first flight. On the second flight I re-read the instructions and tried flying in aided mode after getting up in the air. It was definitely interesting but not very intuitive for me and I really didn't like it much, but that's just me. I'm thinking the aided mode might come into play a whole lot more with my zephyr wing that I've had an incredibly difficult time getting up in the air (about a dozen hand launch attempts to date, only one successful).

.... Hi Jim - I got to fly the Merlin both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and I had a lot more fun with it after getting your feedback on my maiden flights and starting to understand it a little more.

2/15/2012 Darrin G.

The X-5 would not fly without the Ruby being in at least aided mode.

I started out trying to launch in manual mode. 2 different launches, 2 out of control crashes.
Here is the good news... I decided to put it aided mode and launch 1 more time, and it flew
and it was better then the last time. I was surprised it flew at all. when I switched to manual mode it started to fall out of the sky... I flipped the switch and Ruby pulled up and it flew again. I tried manual one more time and down it came. I did not try to save it this time.
Not much damage to the plane, it just will not fly... no damage to anything else.

[Note: Ruby can often make it possible to fly a plane that is difficult or impossible to fly manually, but we still recommend doing all you can to make the plane flies well manually. In particular, be sure that the center of gravity is properly located, and do all that you can to minimize weight / wing loading..]

2/4/2012 Fred B.

"Just wanted to let you know that I went flying yesterday and tried some of Ruby's capabilities.

I've been having problems hand launching my Sky Surfer so decided to let Ruby handle the launch. It went great, no problems what so ever. I also tried return to home and loiter - again, it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

The last thing I tried was to let Ruby land the plane. It was almost flawless. It landed about 50 feet short but it was a thing of beauty.

With the help of Ruby I can let my young grandkids (ages 6, 8, and 10) fly and also my brother who suffers from a stroke.

I am really having fun with it. Thanks so much for all your help."

1/1/2012 David K. "I was able to fly tonight after work, had the new firmware loaded, all I can say is …THIS THING IS BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It flew amazing! It was everything you said it could you, that firmware really improved the handling of the aircraft. On top of that the return to home worked to a TEE! You'll see, attached is the data file. Only flew for 10 minutes, the daylight started to fade. I now feel fully confidence to start loading my FPV gear on board. THIS IS WHY I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT, I'm really happy, can you tell! Great JOB JIM!"

... "I decided to Fly my Mentor and let [my friend] fly it. He's never flown ,so this was going to be a test of the Ruby, let someone whom never used RC control the plane. He did very well, after shaking off the nerves, he had no problem moving it in the sky! That's a credit to you and your product. I flew quite a few times now and just love it! Great Product!"

12/15/2011 Bud L.

"I actually watched a model do something I have never seen before, fly by itself. I had several minutes in both modes. Very stable. I did the 3 clicks in Auto Mode, and sure enough, it starts to hunt is way back. Unbelieveable! And AMAZING! .... Very very cool.........well done!"

.... "This is the coolest thing I have ever done in my whole model experience. I've been flying models since 1956. This thing is an amazing tool. Wow! To have a system on board that can fly yur plane for you has the potential to save a lot of situations."

(See Bud's [complete email] describing his experience with Ruby's autonomous landing capability.)

12/8/2011 Michael D.

"Took Ruby to the club field for a demo today. All went well and everyone was quite impressed."

... "We have one member who is 80+ he has been in the hobby for 70 years and a member of our club for 30. ... I engaged aided mode and handed him the transmitter He started his first turn and tried to hand back the transmitter like he always does but I had moved behind him. I told him stay with it and it will hold the altitude. I swear I have never seen someone shake so bad. a couple turns later he stopped shaking and was zipping up and down the field. He flew for about 5 min and I took it back and landed. I think he had about the biggest smile I have ever seen."

... "We hosted a 4H group last weekend at our field and I let each of the parents fly the twinstar with the Ruby. I simply engaged aided mode and altitude lock and they each flew it for about 4 min. the only input from me was making sure they didnt overfly the pits.I have a photo of a father with 4 min total airtime teaching his 5 yr old to fly."

... "Have had many flights on the Ruby since we last talked. It is totally solid. I can hand it to anyone in aided mode and they fly like a pro.

... "I have about 20 auto landings and all but one have hit the runway. It misses touching down at home by about 100 - 150 ft pretty much every time.It has however hit the runway every time. It even did a downwind landing and touched down on the white line 300 ft from home and 6 feet from the end of the runway."

11/30/2011 Mike G.

"Ruby Saved my Plane! Put the FPV gear in and damn near lost the whole works... Put the new FPV Tx in and a new cloverleaf antenna and I don't like it, signal dropped completely out. so I did not panic (much) flipped the switch 2 times and waited... I moved closer to my ground station, was 75ft away, watched the goggles and every now and then I could see the sun and the lake. so I knew it was still flying. then I started thinking that I should not be looking south east if I am coming home. so I moved my patch antenna to face north west... and what do you know the video came back. and the plane was all most directly above me on its way home. .... Auto land worked with a little help. I let it come in as long as I could with the goggles off. then I put the goggles on and saw it was doing just fine. that is until it got about 5 foot off the ground then it just kept flying. I cut the power and it set down nicely. "

11/14/2011 Arlen H.

I had several successful test flights today, and I am very pleased by the results

... "I was very impressed by the performance today."

10/25/2011 Frederick P. Ruby actually saved me once because with neuropathy my balance is very poor, especially if I look strait up or close my eyes. When my plane flew into the overhead sun I thought I was going to fall down. Ruby kept things high and level until I regained balance and sight. Great! ..... Thanks for inventing Ruby. It is already a must have in my hanger.
10/19/2011 Tony C.

"Ruby was flawless!! Stability is perfect. Landings occur within a 10 yard radius of home position. ... Ruby is awesome and very stable. I can't wait for my 11 year old son, and his 12 year old friend to fly! "

... "I did some "panic" testing by putting the plane in a manual spiral and then switch to augmented mode. Recovery is excellent, and Ruby does a great job in returning to level flight."

... " I did not expect so much interest from this hobby group, but they love the idea of training with a big plan with Ruby as the "instructor pilot." I did some examples of "recovery from unusual attitudes" using Ruby as a panic switch. The Ruby recovery is just awesome every time! "

9/10/2011 Buck C. "Thank you for the most fun I have ever had in RC Planes!"
7/25/2011 Don B.

"I'm still giddy being able to watch Ruby fly on her own...I just love it:)"

... "All is well...I had a great couple of flights with Ruby - I think I'm in LOVE!"

7/17/2011 Doug B. We had some very strong winds that made me doubt that this thing could even function at all, let alone, hold a position. I was VERY impressed with the way Don's radian held position over our heads in these winds. His controller was turned off for more than 5 minutes and that thing just hung out to the point that my neck started to hurt
6/2/2011 Glenn L. "I am very impressed with the capabilities of Ruby, I put it in different potential crash situations and it pulled out every time."
5/15/2011 Teryn D. "Heavy winds tonight..... I was just mesmerized by the fact that it was holding a loiter point for so long."
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