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RubyOSD is a module which overlays flight information on video transmitted from your plane.



A typical RubyOSD display screen. (Artificial horizon not shown).
Display layout is user-configurable.


The display is designed to intuitively present information needed for a successful mission and safe return, even in adverse circumstances such as high crosswind and low battery.

It is also designed so that the the amount and duration of clutter obstructing the video can be minimized.

"Piggybacking" on the Ruby system makes all of this possible.

Features include:

  • "Warn only" mode that can hide all but values requiring your attention, thus removing screen clutter.
  • Compass bar makes navigation intuitive, even in heavy crosswind.
  • Calculation of wind speed and direction
  • "Point of no return" info including time to return home with wind considered and remaining battery run time.
  • User-customizeable display layouts and fonts.
  • Different layouts can be selected during flight.
  • Firmware, fonts, and layout updated simply by dropping files into SDFlash chip.
  • Snap-on architecture and power distribution hub minimizes cabling and opportunity for error.




(RubyOSD module with its cover removed, shown actual size.)


RubyOSD is physically designed to minimize the bulk and complexity of installation. It simply snaps on top of the Ruby controller or expander, reducing cabling and opportunity for error. It serves as a compact and convenient hub for power distribution, transmitter, camera, and microphone cabling.




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