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Transmitters and Receivers compatible with Ruby

Ruby can be used with just about any transmitter including most Spektrum and Futaba models.

Ruby works with only certain receivers for each brand of transmitter, but these include a number of small, inexpensive, but full range receivers currently available from other manufacturers.



Ruby can connect directly to one or two Spektrum or tiny and inexpensive "Orange" brand satellite receivers. This approach has a number of advantages over the use of standalone receivers and provides same or better range. [more info...]

Ruby does NOT connect directly to standalone Spektrum receivers. Only satellite receivers can be used with Ruby and Spektrum transmitters.


  • Any Futaba "S.Bus" series receiver
  • Futaba R617 and R607
  • Any FRSky "TF" series Futaba -compatible receiver that offers "CPPM" output. We recommend the TFR4 or TFR4-B because they provide 8 channels from a small, inexpensive 4 channel package. (currently just $26 from HobbyKing)

    [more info...]

DragonLink, EZUhf, Scherrer, Chainlink and other long range radios

Ruby can utilize "PPM" output (also called "CPPM", "SPPM", or "MikroKopter compatible") which is optionally generated by these transmitters.


Any of the FRSky receivers that generate "CPPM" output. [more info...]


Hitec brand receivers don't provide "CPPM" output, but this inexpensive "Hitec Minima Compatible" receiver from HobbyKing does.


Graupner "HOTT" (and other?) receivers provide "CPPM" output. Check the online specifications / manuals to be sure that the particular model receiver you want to use has this capability.



The Jeti Duplex RMK2 Satellite receiver and possibly other Jeti models offer CPPM output. You can connect the satellite directly to Ruby without a main Jeti rx unit.



Other brands, including Airtronics and vintage FM transmitters

Ruby can work directly with any receiver that outputs "S.Bus", "PPM", "SPPM", "CPPM", or "MikroKopter" output. This feature is appearing in some new receiver models, especially those targeting robotics and multicopter users, but it's not common in standard receivers. We're not aware of any FM receivers offering PPM output without "hack" modifications.

Fortunately, FRSky offers inexpensive 2.4 ghz transmitter modules that allow their "CPPM" receivers to be used with almost any brand or model handheld transmitter, including just about any vintage FM model. You might be required to open up your transmitter and do some soldering, however.

Another alternative is to purchase a 3rd party adapter that converts regular servo outputs to PPM or S.Bus without additions or modifications to your transmitter. The main drawback is added bulk, since each channel requires a separate wire.

Futaba "SBE-1" S.Bus adapter.
Costs about $60, and we don't currently carry these adapters in stock, so you'd have to purchase from seller such as Tower Hobbies [buy].

DIY Drones Encoder V2

TT RecEnc PPM plus / minus
Has not yet been tested with Ruby, but should be fine.


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