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Ruby Configuration

Once you have physically installed Ruby, it needs to be configured to match it to your plane, remote control receiver, transmitter settings, and personal preferences.

We will ultimately be providing user-friendly PC-based software to enable you to configure and tune Ruby yourself, but for now, we will personally take the place of this software. We'll work directly with you to ensure that you are flying with Ruby installed optimally, with a minimum of work or frustration on your part. We'll be glad to help you to set up several different planes or configurations, or to make changes as your preferences change. This firsthand experience will help us to discover all that can vary in real world installations and to design better configuration software, documentation, and support procedures.

Our support process will revolve around the data files that Ruby records to the SD flash whenever it is powered up. [more about recorded data files...]

To get started:

  • Make sure that everything is connected to Ruby:

    airspeed / magnetometer
    power sensor

  • Remove propeller.
  • Turn on your transmitter.
  • If you have flown this plane without Ruby, make sure all of the settings on your transmitter are just as you like to have them when you fly the plane.
  • Apply power to Ruby.
  • Move your aileron / elevator sticks.

If the servos move when you move the sticks, even if the wrong controls or directions, you can proceed directly to the ["Control mapping ritual"] and ignore the rest of this page.

If the servos don't move, flip the gear switch to a different position and try again.

If the servos still don't move, don't worry. We probably just need to change the configuration to match your transmitter / receiver. Simply email us the data file that was created when you moved the controls. (Probably the highest numbered "data.utd" file in the "ruby" directory.)

 In your email, be sure to indicate to us:

  • "This is a data file generated when I tried to get the servos to move"
  • the aircraft model
  • any variations you are making to servo setup from manufacturer's standard layout,
    i.e. whether you are using "Y" cables to control dual aileron or flaps servos
  • transmitter model i.e. "Spektrum DX7"
  • receiver model i.e. "Dragonlink 12 channel"

Send the data file as an attachment to: support@uthere.com


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