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RubyTM Beta Test Program

Several engineer-years and hundreds of flight hours have gone into making Ruby a dependable system, but there's nothing like a beta test program to prove a product.

The only requirements for being a beta pilot are that you fly knowing that you may be the first to discover a hidden flaw, are always prepared to flip the switch to disengage Ruby and assume manual control, and that you bear with us patiently as any needed improvements are made.

Ruby systems purchased now will perform on par with systems sold after the beta program has completed. We may refine Ruby firmware as a result the beta program, but we don't plan to change the hardware design. Most of Ruby's complexity is in its firmware, and the hardware has already gone through many iterations. You'll be able to download updated versions of firmware into Ruby for free.

As a way of thanking people willing to purchase Ruby now while it's still 'beta', we'll include Expander hardware worth $50 at no additional cost. We'll also include a free 2 gigabyte micro SD flash chip that you can use with the Expander for flight data recording.

Our rollout program will proceed in two phases. We hope to complete the program by the beginning of Summer 2011.

Phase I
To reduce variables during this first phase of beta testing, only a short list of popular electric glider and small / light foam airframes will be supported. We'll add planes to this list as this phase progresses. During this period, we won't recommend attempting to use Ruby with other than these specific airframes, and we may limit support provided for doing so.

Phase II
The beta program continues, now supporting users tuning Ruby to airframes of their choice. We'll build a free library of proven fine-tuned settings files for a growing number of specific models as well as general airframe types.

Ruby will be sold to the public as a mature product. The free library of settings will continue to grow and be refined with contributions from other users as well as uThere experts. Firmware upgrades including new and improved capabilities will also be available for free.

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