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Hobby King "Orange" R100 Satellite Receiver

One or two of these tiny receivers can be used directly with Ruby with no need for a full sized receiver. It links to Ruby without an adapter, just a thin adapter cable. It uses a digital format that is less prone to configuration problems.

We carry these in stock and sell them for $15.

A Ruby adapter cable is required for each. We can provide cables free of charge with purchase of Ruby. Additional cables are $5. Standard length is 2 feet. We can create custom length cables for you at no additional charge.

To order, contact sales@uthere.com.

See also the Spektrum satellite receiver configuration instructions for binding procedure.

Frequency 2.4Ghz DSSS (DSM2 Compatible)
Channels 7
Range 1500 - 2000 feet
Size 21x14x2mm
Latency 22 msec
Resolution 1024 steps (10 bit)

Note that you can also use any Spektrum brand satellite receiver with Ruby, including the ones that ship with the AR8000.

(shown approximately actual size)

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