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The Merlin is our favorite platform for showing off Ruby's capabilites and smallness.

It is exceptionally versatile, and Ruby makes it even more so. As a "mini hotliner", it can fly very fast and climb vertically, but can also float very slowly to thermal, slope soar, and make first flights easier. It's unintimidating to hand launch or land. In addition, unlike larger hotliners, the Merlin has a fast roll rate because its wingspan is so short.

It is unusually small and portable, especially for a glider. It quickly disassembles into a custom fit foam carrying box (included) that can be packed in a suitcase.

The Merlin was traditionally only recommended for experienced pilots because it responds so quickly, but now Ruby tames it for beginners. Because of its small size, experienced pilots avoided flying the Merlin long thermal-chasing distances for fear of losing sight of it. Now Ruby lets you fly it at the edge of your visual range with ease and less worry.

This plane is made of a special foam material called "Elapor". It's very durable, easy to fix quickly in the field with regular CA glue, and replacements are available for every part.

Multiplex is widely recognized as the world's highest quality foam plane builder.
Thoughtful German engineering makes this the Mercedes.


merlin cutaway side viewThe main limitation of the Merlin is payload capacity. While Ruby fits in it just fine, there's little room or wing area to support FPV or other gear. We'll soon be adding other plane models to our lineup which are more suitable than Merlin for carrying things.

[Learn more about Merlin at the Multiplex website]

Here's a very detailed and well illustrated review and build log that someone posted on a forum (the plane was assembled while in a car on a road trip!): [view]


Ready to Fly Merlin with Ruby installed

man holding MerlinWe've done all the assembly and installation of Ruby and will configure it for the handheld transmitter and receiver of your choice. Just charge up the battery and go!


$645 BUY

Merlin kit bundled with Ruby

merlin kit unassembledBuild it yourself and save money. By buying Ruby and the Merlin kit together in this bundle, you save even more. Assembly just requires glue, a little care and about 2-3 hours of your time. No particular skill is needed..

merlin power pack

$545 BUY

Bundles include:

Ruby complete system, plus all name-brand components: Hitec HS-55 servos, Polyquest 850 mAh LiPo battery, Multiplex "Merlin Power Pack" with Himax 2212 brushless motor, Castle ESC, and AeroNaut 8 x 5'' folding propeller.

Additional required items

  • Handheld transmitter and receiver with at least 6 channels.
    (We recommend a receiver no more than 22mm wide to fit in the tiny Merlin fuselage.)
  • Lipo battery charger

Additional recommended items

  • Additional batteries

    One lipo battery is included in the package, but we recommend getting several more for continuous action at the field, so you can always have one ready to fly as others are charging.

We ship Ruby pre-configured for the Merlin, but moving it to another plane is simply a matter of loading a new configuration / tuning file from our free settings file library.


Setting / Tuning Files

Not yet available. During first few weeks of the Beta program, Ruby will ship with setting/tuning file for Merlin already loaded.


Operation Notes

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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