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New Customer Initiation

uThere is the opposite of "Do it Yourself".

Whether you're a commercial UAV manufacturer or a recreational FPV pilot, our systems come with an extraordinary level of pro-active customer support to ensure that they are installed correctly and operating optimally with a minimum of time and frustration on your part. We take care of your autopilot and ground control systems so you can focus on your airframe and mission.

An engineer (not just a technician) with years of experience will personally guide you through the installation process, generate a custom configuration file for your specific airframe, equipment, and preferences, and carefully review detailed bench and flight data. You will not need to spend any time learning how to configure, diagnose, or tune.

Ruby's original / lead engineer will often be involved and hours of time will often be invested (our time, not yours) to suit custom requirements, diagnose and address unusual issues, and achieve solid, flawless performance..

To offset the cost of this service, we charge first-time customers a flat fee of $250.

This fee will NOT be required if you have purchased Ruby in the past or if you are having your system installed by an existing Ruby customer or a business that specializes in building "ready to fly" UAV / FPV planes.

Note: for reasonably priced "ready to fly" UAV / FPV planes and ground systems suitable for commercial or personal use with Ruby and other gear professionally installed and tested, we recommend RitewingBuilds and FliteEvolution.com.


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