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"Hardware in loop" simulator


Ruby can be run in conjunction with Ground Control in a "hardware in the loop" simulator mode. Ruby's sensor inputs are replaced by data fed into Ruby from a crude flight simulator running in Ground Control.

Run simulator

You'll want to run the sim using USB connection to Ruby rather than radio modem. You might as well also use USB to load the configuration.

** The USB interface is currently very picky about how and when it is connected:

) If connected to Ruby in Ground Control, close the connection, unplug USB from Ruby, and cycle Ruby power.

) Don't plug USB cable back in until you see red or green blinking lights.

) Click "Connect" again in GC.

) Open desired displays in GC (avoid HUD for now).
To display map, select Position display and right click on it to select one of the "107th" overlays. Right click again and select "show all map".

) Select Developer: Run/Restart Simulator. This will place the plane at home position 200ft agl above center of Saugus Route 107 airfield.

) You should see the plane come to life at this point, maintaining altitude, airspeed,, and circling position.

) Be sure to click on "arm throttle" at top right, otherwise the sim will just glide to the ground.

To test waypoint control:

) Note the UDP input and output ports indicated in View: Variables: System: udp

) Select View: Controls: Autopilot: If signal is lost: Waypoint to enable waypoint control.

) (you can also experiment with fly() commands at this point. They've been implemented already in this version of firmware.

Note that handheld and PC joystick control is included in the hardware in loop simulator, so you can try out various modes of control and practice handoff with actual handheld transmitter and receiver.






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